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The TJM Prestige ‘Gunbarrel Edition’ 79 Series Landcruiser

04, Nov 2020 in Rig Rundown

The ‘Gunbarrel Edition’ Toyota 79 Series Landcruiser


Unless you have been living under a rock, you will have come across a 70 series Toyota Landcruiser. Toyota on its own is known for reliability and the 70 Series Landcruiser’s to that name of that reliability to the next level.

More recent versions of the 70 series have become iconic around Australia for their rugged looks, mean hood scoop and that unmistakable ‘Thong Slap’ that comes from its single turbo V8 diesel. With popularity comes a huge aftermarket presence, and there are not many cars with aftermarket support to match the 79 and 76 Series Landcruiser’s. So with the Toyota reliability, diesel V8 and aftermarket support, we at TJM Burwood decided to build up our own version of what we believe is the ideal touring setup for the 79 Series Landcruiser.


Where to begin??

A blank canvas, a 2020 Toyota 79 Series Landcruiser in the desirable Sandy Taupe. Absolute bare bones of the vehicle. From the factory these cars already have an impressive towing capability, however, with all the kit that we had planned to add t was important to add the Lovell’s GVM upgrade which increased this cars GVM from 3400kg to 4200kg. an 800kg increase in this cars load carrying capacity! For more information on GVM upgrades read our blog on it here – https://www.complete4x4.au/gvm-upgrades-a-snap-shot/. To compliment the now increased load carrying capability we also added MSA’s new Towing Mirrors, Redarc Brake Controller and the Torqit Single Exit 3.5” DPF Back Exhaust to give the ‘Gunbarrel Edition’ 79 the kick it needed.

Still looking very plain on the outside, we turned to the TJM catalogue and decked out the ‘Gunbarrel 79’ with the TJM Outback Bar, coupled with the TJM Torq 12,000lbs winch, TJM Seeker 230 Series 9 Inch Driving lights and TJM Sidesteps. For the roof rack we added the new Gutter Mount Wedgetail Roof Rack from Tradesman which sit just perfectly on the roof of this car. Throw in some other hidden goodies such as Diff Breathers, Lightforce Worklights and an ERPS Anti Rust Protection Kit.

Unfortunately from the factory the 79 Series Landcruiser’s don’t have much in the way of… sophistication..

So we tapped into the Prestige side of our workshop and went to town on the interior!!

From the Top:

  • Bespoke ‘Gunbarrel Edition’ Leather Trim with Diamond Inserts, ‘Gunbarrel Edition’ logo
  • Luxury Seat Heaters with Hi and Low settings
  • Alpine Stereo with 9” display and HEMA maps, Apple Car play and Digital Radio
  • Alpine 6×9 2 way Speakers in the front and rear doors
  • Door Pods to house the Alpine 6×9 Speakers
  • GME XRS330C Outback Pack
  • Roadkill Sound Deadening – (Less road noise than a 200 Series)
  • Cruiser Consoles Full Length 79 Series Console and Speaker Pods (Increasing the cupholder count by 500%!)
  • All Lightforce Switches
  • USB and Cig Sockets added throughout the car
  • Engel Fridge sockets with a switch to change supply to inside or tray socket

Then to top it off, we added our own ‘GUNBARREL EDITION’ Stickers made in house.

Now, we could have by all means gone much further and made this car as good off road as it is hauling a caravan around our great country. But we don’t want to take all the credit for what YOU the customer can come up with!!

Very Easily we can do a similar or the same to your 79 Series Landcruiser or any other car you are willing to deck out ready to take on Australia. What would you add? What would you change?

With similar builds coming up in the near future there will be plenty of content still to come, plenty of ideas for you to use on your own builds.

The possibilities are endless!!!