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GVM Upgrades… A snap shot

04, Sep 2020 in Tips

GVM Upgrades…


Why is a GVM Upgrade so important as part of a Touring or Trade Vehicle setup?


Firstly, lets define what a GVM Upgrade is?

A Gross Vehicle Mass or GVM upgrade is designed to legally allow you to increase the maximum amount your vehicle can weigh fully laden. It is often necessary for people that heavily accessorise or modify their vehicle to suit their load carrying means. Often a full car of passengers and baggage bring the vehicle close to its GVM even before considering the additional weight of bar work, winches, tow ball weights and all the other 4×4 essentials are fitted. Tradies would be surprised how easily a few tools and equipment and supplies for their job sites in the back of their canopies can exceed the GVM. A GVM upgrade consists of new suspension components that is specifically engineered to increase the vehicles Load carrying Capacity along with a Engineers Modification Plate so that drivers can get to their worksites or holiday destinations with all the equipment on board legally.


Below is an example of the TJM GVM upgrade on a 200series Landcruiser:

– Original factory GVM 3350kg with a Payload 650kg

(Payload is Weigh limit of the Fuel, oils, passengers, luggage, and accessories on the car)

– TJM GVM upgrade will increase this to: 3800kg – so this is an increase of +450kg- so new payload is 1100kg

– This kit maintains the 200series 3500kg Towing Capacity



Why are GVM upgrades important?

Other than legal ramifications of overloading your vehicle, the safety, insurance, reliability and capability aspects are compelling reasons for having a GVM upgrade equipped in your 4×4 vehicle.

Safety – From the factory a vehicle is only designed to carry a certain weight. This is aimed at all aspects of driving. Acceleration, cornering, braking etc… When overloaded these aspects of driving become compromised. Braking distances increase, engine load increases, weight transfer calls for slower cornering. GVM kits focus on all aspects. All come with suspension upgrades, then depending on how much of an upgrade is being installed engine and braking components are included.

Insurance – Simply, as soon as you have an accident and the GVM of your car in exceeded… Insurance companies want nothing to do with you as legally you have exceeded the weight carrying capabilities of the vehicle. A GVM upgrade will allow for extra weight and cover you for any insurance issues in the unlikely case of a car accident. A Post Registration GVM upgrade will mean your car is covered within the state your car is registered in.

Reliability – As mentioned above in terms of safety, when loaded with weight a vehicles performance will react accordingly. Extra load can cause failures or damage. Components to increase suspension capacity, engine modification to help ease engine load and brake upgrades are commonly used to help with these issues.

Capability – All of the above-mentioned upgraded parts will increase a vehicles capability. Especially for towing heavy loads. If you have ever seen a car towing something it should not be and how uncomfortable and unstable it looks. You will understand. All GCM upgrades will also provide a vehicle with a mild lift, very useful off road.

What is the difference between a Post or Pre Rego GVM?

A Pre Rego GVM is the fitting of the GVM kit prior to the vehicles first registration at the dealership.

A Pre rego GVM will have a Federal Compliance making it compliant in any state in Australia and does not require an engineer to come out to test drive the vehicle upon installation- so will save you money.

Post Registration fitment is done to any car already registered on the road. This can only have a state compliance, so if your car is registered in Victoria and you have a GVM Fitted, as soon as you leave the state your car would become overweight as soon as you cross the border (Pending amount of weight on your car) A post rego GVM does require an Engineer to inspect and test drive your vehicle. Only after this can they issue the new Modification Plate. The Engineer inspection does add additional cost to the fitment.

Other common questions will be answered by the Oracle (Jono) himself in coming weeks

Other common questions will be answered by the Oracle (Jono) himself in coming weeks

Will the GVM give my vehicle a lift?


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