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JBA 150 series Double Compressor Bracket

JBA 150 series Double Compressor Bracket

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The JBA 150 series double compressor bracket enables a concealed fit for the TJM heavy duty twin compressor behind the passenger side rear quarter panel.


JBA also offer a range of complementary products for mounting your power switch and air outlet depending on your budget and desired access preferences. We have pre-packaged kits that allow for our 2 most popular mounting options which include


  • KIT 2- In the quarter panel on a dedicted bracket (easy access)
  • KIT 3- On a drawer system front panel (easiest access if drawers fitted)


Both options include ANS-H fuse holder and 40A rated fuse to mount in the quarter panel for easy access to check and replace if required.


JBA bracket features includes

  • Made from 2mm powdercoated steel
  • Supplied with stainless steel fasteners
  • No drilling required- all mounting points pick up on existing body points
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