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TJM Digital Tyre Inflator

TJM Digital Tyre Inflator

Price: $90.00


Designed to make tyre inflation quicker and simpler, the TJM Tyre Inflation Kit features a digital gauge, a long 600mm rubber hose and durable fittings. Getting the right tyre pressure is easy thanks to a backlit digital display with multiple unit of measurement options, while a broad inflator button and in-built bleed deflator make using the TJM Tyre Inflation Kit simple.


Designed to work with the below Inflation Kit in conjunction with an Air Compressor:




Kit Contents: Tyre inflator with digital gauge, 1 x analogue tyre gauge, 1 x Nitto style fitting, 1 x US Standard style fitting
Digital Display diameter: 60mm
Digital Display colour: Orange
Hose length: 600mm
Hose material: Reinforced Rubber
Fittings: Brass
Tyre Chuck: Brass, latch type with swivel joint
Air fitting: Chrome plated, supplied loose with 1 x Nitto and 1 x US Fitting
Display reading: PSI, KPA, Kgf/cm, Bar with battery level indicator
Pressure capacity: 200PSI
Measuring range: 5-200PSI
Weight: 1.16 kg
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