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Clearview Original Towing Mirrors – Prado 150 (Chrome, Electric, Ind)

Clearview Original Towing Mirrors – Prado 150 (Chrome, Electric, Ind)

Price: $935.00


Original Towing Mirror features

  • Available for over 40 vehicle models
  • Telescopic arms with 2 different driving positions, Normal Driving Position and Extended towing position.
  • Sturdy steel arm construction won’t retract when driving at high speeds or when passing large trucks.
  • Choice of Manual or Power Folding feature on certain listed models only*
  • Large top mirror 1:1 ratio. This large, flat mirror provides a narrower field of view, reflecting true distance for reversing. It provides an exact reflection of what’s happening behind you.
  • Smaller bottom mirror. This slightly curved mirror makes objects appear further away than they are. The convex mirror reduces the objects that it reflects, allowing the driver to have a much wider field view and diminishing blind spots. This mirror provides a better understanding of what’s happening around the vehicle.
  • Extends up to 103mm for towing
  • ADR compliant, tough Australian design built to last
  • Clearview towing mirrors® fold inwards or outwards if accidently struck whilst 4WDing or parked.

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