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MSA Cargo Barrier Carry Bags

MSA Cargo Barrier Carry Bags

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Travel with everything in its place, to use previously unused storage space. These Barrier Bags attach
to a cargo barrier, or whatever you want it to really. ** Available in Small or Large size

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MSA 4X4’s  Barrier Bags are a great, heavy duty canvas bag that attaches to a cargo barrier in your vehicle. The barrier bags are extremely useful for maximizing storage space as well as keeping your gear safe and organised.

The Barrier Bags feature 4 Velcro strips on the rear, increasing stability and allowing you to attach the bag to different applications. They also feature two Velcro strips on the front which keep the flap in place and your contents extra secure.



SKU: CBBS    -Size: 23cm x 26cm x 7cm



SKU: CBB     –Size: 23cm x 26cm x 14cm

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