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Travel in 2020

25, Sep 2020 in Inspiration

Travel in 2020

In 2020 the world as we know it changed. Is it forever?

International Travel is for now off the cards for a large majority of our population. So what does that leave?

There are the usual destinations you can fly to within Australia sure… Cairns, Gold Coast, etc… You get the picture. Warm places with pool bars and exotic wildlife.

But what about the Huts of the Victorian High Country? Wilsons Prom? Frasers Island? Uluru?

How do we get there and find all the places in between? I realize I am asking a lot of questions, perhaps one you may have wondered yourself…


2021 is the year to see our great land… you do not even need to do ‘The Lap’ around Australia to see things you have not seen before. In fact you do not even need a 4WD. All that is needed is a comfortable, reliable vehicle and a want for adventure.

However, there are upgrades that can be made to your car to make these adventures more enjoyable for you and your passengers. From seat heaters and coolers, dual battery systems, GVM upgrades, the list is endless. Whether your needs be for camping, caravanning, luxury or road tripping, there is something you can do to your vehicle to make any road trip a pleasure.

But the point is, we have a huge opportunity to explore our own backyard. The diversity of culture from the coast to the outback, from the city to small towns, with the lack of overseas travel available to the time is now to explore places you have not seen before and kit your vehicle out to visit these places.


May your Summer Travels be filled with wanderlust and excitement,

Mitch – Head of Fun Police at TJM Prestige Burwood