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TJM Suspension NextGen Ranger- XGS Remote Kit

TJM Suspension NextGen Ranger- XGS Remote Kit

Price: $5,396.00


Available on back-order


SUITS NextGen Ford Ranger 2020+

Estimated 45mm lift

Kit Includes:

  • Front TJM Remote Reservoir Front Struts – Assembled with Front Spring
  • Rear Remote Reservoir Shocks
  • Rear Shock Stoneguards
  • Shock Mounting Brackets
  • 150kg Rear Leaf Springs
  • Bush Kit
  • Greaseable Shackles
  • Greaseable Pins
  • U-bolts
  • Tail shaft Spacers


Optional: Upper Control Arms available at extra cost.

Other Leaf springs options available including 300kg, 500kg or 600kg

*Contact us for Fitting

*Wheel alignment is recommended after fitment.



Heights are approximates only depending on vehicle model and accessories fitted. For all suspension lifts please consult with your state traffic authority for compliance.
LBA = Load Bearing Accessories (Bull bars, Winches, Fuel Tanks, Steel Trays, etc).

This vehicle may develop a driveline vibration upon acceleration when raised. Lowering the tail shaft centre bearing position can help reduce the vibration. (included in kit)


Straight away you’re met with the same 52mm piston bore found in the XGS Rugged but with one crucial difference, a remote reservoir for twice the oil carrying capacity. This drastically improves damping potential and shock durability, while the mono-tube design takes this even further.

But what really steals the show is the fully adjustable 8-stage compression and rebound damping dials to customise; how fast your suspension compresses and the rate of extension of the shock absorber after compression.

So, whether it’s rugged terrain, soft terrain, bitumen or towing, XGS Remote allows you to change your vehicle set-up at a moment’s notice.


XGS Remote Performance 4×4 Suspension has been designed to provide the ultimate off-road experience for both adventures and high-performance off-road users.

The unique hand-adjustable 8 stage compression and rebound gives you full control over damping forces, allowing a completely customised ride to suit any terrain, vehicle set-up or personal preference.


How fast your suspension compresses can be altered with your compression damping

Turn dial on reservoir clockwise to increase the compression damping.



Rebound damping controls the rate of extension of the shock absorber after it has been compressed

Simply turn the dial on the piston rod clockwise to increase the rebound damping


3YR | 100,000KM WARRANTY

Backed by state-of-the-art precision engineering, premium components for exceptional strength and reliability where it matters most, each XGS Suspension model has been custom designed to thrive (not survive) in the toughest, most demanding environments. That’s why each suspension model is covered by our 3-year/100,000 km warranty to give you the confidence you need to ‘Handle Anything’ – no matter your 4×4 lifestyle.


Whether it’s for work, off-roading, or touring with a caravan in tow, an XGS GVM PLUS upgrade ensures your vehicle is designed to properly handle increased weight loads both legally and safely. It’s even undergone extensive testing in a long and arduous certification process and has been officially certified by the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities.

Please note that GVM upgrade compatibility is vehicle-dependent. Speak to one of our XGS experts to determine if your vehicle is eligible for an upgrade


All of our XGS products are designed and engineered right here in Australia, to ensure customers that their 4x4s are fit for purpose for the toughest conditions found in the world. Each component is also individually tested in-house, by vehicle manufacturers and by independent testing specialists, to ensure that the performance, reliability, durability and accuracy of each system is ADR compliant and exceeds strict certification standards.

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