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Quad Lock – Wireless CarPlay Adaptor

Quad Lock – Wireless CarPlay Adaptor

Price: $140.00


Quad Lock is made tough for every adventure, every day. Whether it’s on a bike, boat, car, a trip down the road, or expedition across the globe, Quad Lock makes the experience better. Quad Lock is a range of phone and device holders made to suit your gear, so you can go anywhere, no matter your device. With over 10 years experience making gear for the toughest environments and extreme weather, Quad Lock is known for design and durability.


  • Connect to Apple CarPlay cord-free with the Quad Lock Wireless CarPlay Adaptor
  • Play your music, map your route, or safely use your phone functionality without the need to fumble with cables
  • Simply plug into your vehicle’s USB port and pair with your iPhone to use
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