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Piggyback Adaptor For TOYOTA N80 HILUX

Piggyback Adaptor For TOYOTA N80 HILUX

Price: $25.00

Wire your driving lights or lightbar to the Toyota N80 Hilux without having to cut or solder any wires. Designed to connect directly off the back of your existing high beams, our adaptors make installing auxiliary lighting easy.


Some vehicles require a vehicle-specific piggyback adaptor to allow auxiliary lights to be installed using a standard wiring harness. This may be because the light bulbs are inside a sealed dust cap, or because the factory headlights use LED or HID technology.

This piggyback adaptor allows the Dual Output Plug & Play Wiring Harness, and the harnesses included with some of our other driving light products, to be used with the Toyota Hilux N80. It will connect directly to the 8-pin factory headlight plug, avoiding the need for cutting or soldering.

The white T-connector on the back of the adaptor will plug straight into the connector on our wiring harness.

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