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MSA Tinnie Protection Tubes (12 per Set)

MSA Tinnie Protection Tubes (12 per Set)

Price: $38.00

At Last!! Set of 12 x 2mm neoprene protection tubes to save the most important cargo!


MSA 4×4 have  been travelling offroad for decades, we were also tired of busting cans and destroying the contents in our car fridge! Tried everything from a block of foam under the lid to different stack methods and still,busted cans.

Then came up with it: individual tinnie protection! So it was the conventional stubby holder but it’s too thick, takes up too much room and doesn’t cover both ends, which still eventuated in fridge damage and busted cans!

Introducing the Tinnie Tubes: Made from 2mm neoprene for maximum storage, while still  enough to protect the cans from rubbing together. Both ends are covered to  protect the tinnie, fridge and its contents.

Available in sets of 12 in 2 colours so you pull out the can you prefer.

Supplied with a canvas storage bad that attaches to the handle of your fridge. BRILLIANT!

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