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MSA Fridge Tie Down Strap Set of 4

MSA Fridge Tie Down Strap Set of 4

Price: $25.00

Keep all your accessories close at hand and easily accessible with an MSA 4×4 Seat Organiser.


As touring offroaders, we constantly need to secure things down, whether it be a fridge inside the vehicle or firewood on top of it. The quickest, easiest and SAFEST way to do this is with our new range of cam buckle  tie down straps.

All MSA 4×4 Tie Down Kits are manufactured with 25mm (450kg  lashing capacity) webbing and powder coated metal cam buckles that will not vibrate and release. As well as this, all are manufactured to AU/NZ standard  4380.

Now to make life easier all the ends of the webbing are angle cut at 45 degrees so feeding the strap through the buckle is very easy, especially when you are trying to hold the load and feed the strap!

You know how after rolling up a strap it always comes undone! Well, no more! We have installed elastic loops on the tie straps so  when they are rolled up, just wrap the elastic loop around the strap and  then place them in the canvas storage bag. No more messy tangled straps.

As it is not required, the fridge ties do not have the elastic loops or storage bag.

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