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HardKorr – Extra-Long Soft Shackle

HardKorr – Extra-Long Soft Shackle

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Used in place of a traditional bow/D shackle, our Extra-Long Heavy Duty Soft Shackle gives you a long, safe, strong, and convenient tie-down point from your 4×4’s rated recovery point. It’s particularly useful when used on anchor points with edges due to the rope’s long Durakorr™ bound centre, otherwise, it can be doubled over to create a strong recovery point.

Our Heavy-Duty Soft Shackles significantly reduce the risk of serious injury or damage during recovery from encountering breakages.

Our Shackles are built with our Durakorr™ synthetic – a material that’s stronger than traditional shackles, lightweight, safe, and more abrasion resistant than some steels. Rated to a Minimum Breaking Strength of 10,000kg, the shackle has a long Durakorr™ bound centre designed to give it extra protection when used on anchor points with edges.

To use it, simply put the untied shackle through the eye of your recovery rope, pass the loop end through/around the rated recovery point, then pass the knot through the soft shackle loop. It can also be doubled up to create an even stronger attachment point.

Rated to 10,000kg

Determined in a large-scale lab test, the Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) figure is determined by taking the measurement of the weakest sample when it first starts to tear, rip, or break. It’s recommended that the MBS of any recovery rope used should be at least 2-3 times the gross weight of the vehicle that’s being recovered.

Why Soft Recovery Gear:

Weighing significantly less than traditional equipment, soft recovery gear has become the go-to choice for thousands of Aussie offroad enthusiasts.

Our range of ropes, shackles, and straps are constructed using heavy-duty synthetics rather than steel. These materials offer incredible durability and great protection from weather and wear.

On top of this, cases of failure or misuse resulting in breakage, are less likely to be lethal or cause major injury due to the lack of heavy metal objects used in the recovery.

Fully Tested & Certified:

Put to the test in both the field and the lab, you can be confident our gear will get you out of trouble when you need it most. Our ropes, straps, and shackles have undergone an extensive testing program by one of Australia’s leading NATA facilities. After exceeding expectations in a lab stress and destruction examination, we’ve made sure to really put them through their paces offroad as well. The results? A full range of recovery equipment that’ll get you out of even the trickiest of scenarios.


Incorrect use may result In injury or death!

Vehicle OCCUPANTS and BYSTANDERS have been KILLED by flying projectiles (such as tow balls) when recovery straps Have been attached incorrectly. NEVER attach recovery straps to vehicle fittings such as tow balls, tow bars, tie-down points or tow hooks. ONLY attach recovery straps to an APPROVED recovery point/device that is suitably rated for use with the strap. BEFORE attempting a vehicle recovery, all passengers must exit the vehicles and stand as far away as possible.

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