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Ford – Pedal Torq Plus – Throttle Controller

Ford – Pedal Torq Plus – Throttle Controller

Price: $499.00


  • Eliminate throttle lag and sluggish behaviour
  • Ideal for towing and when under load
  • Includes eight driving profiles with adjustable settings
  • Wireless Bluetooth/ key fob control
  • Keeps your dash clear
  • Receive ongoing updates with the latest technology via the Torqit Connect App
  • Fast and simple installation
  • Five-year product warranty
  • Get peace of mind with a 30-day money-back guarantee)
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A refined version of the Pedal Torq, this completely wireless throttle controller improves throttle response by modifying the signal sent to your vehicle’s ECU. Controlled via Bluetooth with our Torqit Connect app, its adjustable settings allow you to fine-tune your accelerator to match your driving preferences.

Does your vehicle feel slow and sluggish when towing or carrying heavy roads? The Pedal Torq Plus will give you total control over the accelerator, eliminate throttle lag, and reduce engine strain. Ideal for heavy vehicles with upgrades, towing, and standard vehicles experiencing lag, the Pedal Torq Plus creates a smoother driving experience and helps you optimise your vehicle’s response straight off the mark.

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